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Veretekk Leads Generation system, automated portals marketing, free LIVE daily training lessons on several Internet topics. Learn and automate your business marketing, Knowledge is power. Use it fo your affiliate programs or home based business, for your professional practice. SEO will improve your website rankings.
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We have over 100 experienced trainers scheduled to give you live hands on training in our web conference rooms. We prefer to teach this way, so you are in a group environment, with a live teacher and other students. This is a live community. Think about it. Would you rather be involved with others as you learn to succeed on the Internet? Or go it alone with a manual. I know how I feel. I like having someone show me how to do it.
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Alexa Traffic Rank: 23,088  
Traffic Rank in US: 5,743
Sites Linking In: 1,035
The Veretekk System will allow you to exit the corporate rat-race and build an enormous profit center through ingenious dirt cheap advertising techniques, easy to use automation and serious prospect traffic delivered right to your site. A system, that can make anyone a small fortune.
Michael Gilligan, Redondo Beach, CA
I hope You Had A Great Holiday,The New Year Looks Great .This System Re***y Works Well.There isn't any system Quite like the Hammer, it has doubled the amount of hits to my website in Three weeks, Targeted Traffic is Great.
Thank You,
Michael Aguirre
This "Veretekk" Marketing System is so powerful, it allowed me to start a business on a part-time basis and drive so many new prospects and customers to my business over a 30 day period that I quit my job as a chemical engineer. Now, I'm on target to make more money in the next 2 years than I could have made in my old job in 10 years.
Jim Landers, San Francisco, CA
I more than tripled my income in a few short months and I'm looking at total financial freedom in the shortest time I've ever imagined. Everybody should use this system!
Pam Price, Palm Springs, CA
Like shooting fish in a barrel full of money. I love this stuff!!
Ron Weber, Placerville, CA
By the way, I had a good friend recently try and interest me in another internet leads program and wanted to know what I thought. So, I went to check it out because this is one of the "good deals" on leads going right now. Here's what I found .... Cost: $90, $150 or $250 per month (for 100, 200 or 400 leads). I then wanted to know where the leads came from. Guess what?!! These leads strictly come from two sources -- a computer drawing site and a vacation giveaway site! Of course, I told my friend that I already had those very same kind of sites and much more - and not only that, but it costs me much, much less and there was no ceiling on the number of leads I could get as I get better and better at promoting those sites. Also, the leads I generate are mine alone and not shared with others as in other lead programs like the one he was looking at. Needless to say, that got this person into our system and working in my down line now!
Karen Sanchez, San Francisco, CA
I wanted to be sure to say hello and let you know I've signed up three people last week alone into the Veretkk system that I routed to from your Traffic Portals. The presentation in the Market Center is great. I get prospects to go to Money-Machine site .... this leads them to a survey to complete .... and after the survey they are directed to the Market Center, which presents the system and my company. They can enroll from there. The Traffic Portals are all proven ways of obtaining prospects and attracting people into your system and database so that you can then promote your business to them. But, long hard work has taught me that you just don't hit someone right on the head with your opportunity prior to gaining some sort of stronger reach by them to find out more about how you earn your money, your business, etc. Attract them, get them interested in what your doing, and then show them how to find out about your business. I've been pretty agressive on the Internet for awhile and using various resources available (and paying for them!). For example, one that I had was the "" site that has a good presentation on doing business on the Internet, with a good survey/interview after the "Flash" presentation. I was paying $19.95 a month for it. The Money-Machine "Flash" presentation is upbeat and superior!, I decided I could easily cancel the other, save some money, and send prospects to the Money-Machine site instead. The money-machine gives us a unique site for us to promote as a presentation on doing business on the Internet, AND it leads them directly to finding out about your company. AND it costs the same as that other presentation, but with LOTS more in the entire system itself right here in the Inetekk system!! In the last month I've cancelled two programs that combined were costing me $58.00 per month that this system now completely takes care of for me. Fact!
Andy Wright
Thanks for this great system!
I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this system. Having been in a few business ventures in the past, I know all to well that "marketing" is the key to success. Veretekk just continues to get better and better.
This site gives us the tools that we need to jump right in and start marketing our product. The flyers and business cards give us something in hand to "Start running with". It's something "personalized" to start distributing along with the videos and brochures that we purchase from "Our Main Company".
I have found that most "recruits" have their most enthusiasm in the first two weeks of enrollment. If they are not able to achieve any amount of reward within that time, their energy starts to wane. One MUST be prepared to get them off to the right start and this site definitely achieves this.
When signed up with your site I was totally operational by within an hour with 2 leads already generated. This was very exciting for me. The tools available are incredible. They not only explain the nuances of the internet, but also the "secrets" of how other e-commerce companies have succeeded in getting their name out there to the public without being "Offensive". My contact with all of the people involved has been marvelous. They are not concerned with "Downline" or just helping "Their Own". It's nice to be a part of this "Team".
Lila Desatoff
My name is John Schiavo from New York. I ran across the Inetekk system on the Internet and joined it. It has automated the duplication process and makes your business a lot simpler to manage. We have been on the system for less than a month now and we have already had two automatic enrollments just last week with even more in the system just waiting for us to call on them. I suggest this system to anyone who is doing business on the Internet because it works.
John Schiavo
I didn't even know how to copy and paste when I joined your system. I am new to Network Marketing as well. I heard about your system and went out and bought a computer and took a computer course at the local college. Due to past health problems I walk with a cane and can not drive a car. I knew if I was going to build a business I was going to have to do it on the Internet with Inetekk. Right now I have over 5,000 leads and over 400 Blastomatic leads (These are fully qualified leads with name, address, phone, etc.). This system is perfect for me. I have signed up many people including Diane. We have also found customers as well as have had excellent results selling your system. I owe my total success to the Inetekk system and couldn't do it without your system. Thank you so much,
Phylis Hanke
I signed up into your system after I joined through Phylis' Veretekk site on the Internet. I am using the system the same way as Steve is. I use FFA systems and email those leads the Blastomatic Marketing system. To date I have signed up 2 people and have had unbelievable results. I am getting 60+ leads a day. I mean great leads with full names, addreses, phones etc. This system really works in building relationships by sharing all the free stuff on the site. It works!Thanks a million,
Diane Hessin
From an AOL message Board:
As a professional copywriter, I've observed that the Inetekk system is the most brilliant and in-depth online marketing system I've ever seen...EVER
From a Lycos/Wired message Board:
Very very impressive, very very advanced techie guru stuff, very professional, the type of site you would expect from a major corp. site, Inetekk has taken impressive to the next level
Steve L. - NY
Dear Mr Prendergast,
Thank-you for responding to and resolving my complaint so promptly. I was both pleased and impressed to have this matter addressed by none less than the CEO. Please accept my sincere apology to you and on behalf of any of your staff that I might have offended in my haste, I was angry. With the exception of this regrettable incident I have been pleased with your service. I now have every confidence that any problem I might have with Inetekk in the future will be addressed thoroughly and and in a timely manner. Rest assured that I plan to be a satisfied customer for a long time and I will highly recommend Inetekk to anyone who might benefit from your service. Thank-you again,
This is so awesome! This is the first time I've ever seen such support! What a great feeling to know help is just a mouse click away!
Will, UK
Is this for real? Someone is actually online live with me? I love this!!
Sheri, Toronto Canada
This is the best customer support service I've ever seen. My hat's off to you guys!
Gunter, Germany
Your Veretekk and this support is the finest combination of marketing tools I've ever seen!Thankyou.. thankyou.. thankyou.. from the bottom of my heart!
Janice, South Africa
Big Kahuna, I know your time is valuable! Go to my web site when you have the time. Read the copy AGAIN for the fifth time or so. I am sure you will recognize your genius and my followership.
P.S. I still have work to do on the My Journey page and a serious testimonial to write for you. You have given me what I need for an eternity of success online. Knowledge!!! I would not have traded this week for $7,000!!! Thanks Tom!!
Rasheed, Seattle WA.
I ONLY USE THE VERETEKK SYSTEM to generate business builders who want to work the Internet ..PERIOD!!! WHY you might ask? Well, for 1/10th the cost of other lead sources the leads I get from the Inetekk Portals are BY FAR the freshest most receptive Internet leads I have ever found. When my organization uses Veretekk leads to contact invariably "THAT EVENING" I hear almost everyone say "WOW STEVE THESE ARE THE BEST LEADS I HAVE EVER CALLED!!!" Need I say more??? THANKS TOM AND MIKE for ALL YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT AND SITE DEVELOPMENTS --- I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN AND HOPEFULLY ONE OF YOUR BEST AND FAVORITE CUSTOMERS!!!!
Steve Sigman
This Veretekk System is Light Years ahead of any other Marketing System on the Internet. Not only is Veretekk producing a lot of Leads, but they are extremely High Quality Leads. I've never seen anything like it. This week after I made some submissions, I had 3 CEO's of companies personally call me who are seriously interested in our tools and services. They called me first, before I even had a chance to contact them.
Steve Lefevers
I just wanted to let you know that you have out done yourself!!! The New Veretekk system looks nothing short of FANTASTIC! I appreciate your efforts on our behalf!
David Cleveland.
AMAZING! I have been in Internet marketing now for 10 years and I only can tell that you did an amazing job to put this together. Never had better results. Thanks I hope to see more features coming.
James A. Pelt Ph.D.
I am a new Veretekk and Veremail member. Only a week old. I am a Net marketeer for more than 3 years. I have tried various methods. Even blew my $ on mostly useless marketing efforts. I have tried many approaches to promote my main business. So I was very suspicious on joining another. Now, after just a week, I must say I really am delighted with what Veretekk's system offers. I honestly think this is the best system I have ever seen and it is very affordable also. Your answer on members forum are fast and reliable. I recommend this system to all my friends. I just hope you will not increase the subscription.
Goran Sujansky, Croatia
Veretekk combined with Veremail are simply the most cost effective Internet marketing programs available. Every time I look they are adding new tools to an already formidable arsenal. The Veretekk/Veremail programs are the backbone of all my marketing campaigns. This system is not just on the cutting edge of the cyber space frontier. It is the cutting edge!
Chris Rudolph
I just want to say a word of thanks to Thomas Prendergast. He did an absolutely fantastic job with the HAMMER. The HAMMER is a simple push button tool that submits 2 billion ads promoting your sites. Every time I push the HAMMER's button, I get more business! This tool alone is worth more that the entire system costs. The results of this tool are scores of premium leads that want to do business with you specifically. This system is the finest marketing tool on the Internet! Thanks Tom and Veretekk!
Tonny Hogenberg, Netherlands
We have many more....
Many say we are the best kept secret....
I personally know of one subscriber making over $250,000 per year just selling ad space to his weekly newsletter he sends from his Bully Pulpit to his huge verified email database.
Thomas Prendergast
CEO, Inc.
Mike Darling
President, Inc.
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