The system allows you to build up more traffic for your business using their marketing portals. One portal that it offers lets marketers submit ads to millions of pages just with one click.

You can promote your own business as well as you can use it as a business opportunity for other marketers. You can make the service available to them for their business leads as well as an opportunity for them to make money too.

Included auto responders which are an excellent way to follow up with leads and develop relationships with them.

Weekly live training webinars.

1) A large selection of lead generation websites available from over 500 unique domain and subdomain addresses
2) A follow-up system that automatically emails proven sales letters designed to pull-in orders immediately!
3) An email tracking system that measures how many people respond to ads via email, so subscribers know what advertising works best.
4) A lead processing system that categorizes, stores and sorts leads for subscribers - to maximize sales.
5) The ability for each subscriber to place their best banner ads where they will be exposed to thousands of people per day regarding valuable free services within their portfolio of web sites.

Over the years we have received literally 1000's and 1000's of written testimonials and a practically infinite number of verbal ones... However, it wasn't until after about 10 years of business that we created a system to actually archive written testimonials from Veretekk's subscribers. The following is a live, real time list of testimonials from real people all over the world. We love our customers... and are truly humbled by their testimonies.

Hi, I just want to say how glad I am to be back in the midst of veretekk. I first joined in 2005, didn't do too much with the system, just kind of piddled around a bit, participated in a few trainings & conferences, but that's about all. Well, it's now 2011, and I'm back, and hopefully this time, I will utilize all that veretekk has to offer. What was I thinking back then?

TX, United States

I have never seen anything like Veretekk before This is an amazing system. This is a Marketers Dream Come True. I have only been a member for a couple of days now but already have gotten hits . Thank You Veretekk.

Pamela J Kramer
Ohio, United States

The Why of Veretekk

I work with Veretekk, the portals, the Platinum Control Panel every single day. I have done this, and developed the habit of doing that for years. I know for a fact that Veretekk is not A marketing system, but THE marketing system that entrepreneurs should be using in the building of stable business models for the future.

I will also state this publicly, that most do not even scratch the surface when using and implementing this system. It almost seems to be a habit to use one part, like uploading FFA leads, and hoping and praying someone, somewhere will find your information and signup for your business.

Let\'s get rid of that misconception right here and now. Unless you choose to contact your leads, develop a relationship of some kind with those leads, NO ONE is ever going to join your business right off Google, ok? I have an interesting analogy about this whole process, so bear with me while I explain further.

Our journey takes us to a far away land. This country is totally hostile and just a barren, hot, dusty desert. There is no water, no food, no sustenance of any kind. In other words, you might consider this scenario as being the modern day Internet. There are many marketers located in the barren land. As a matter of fact, almost all marketers fall into this scene, even if they are not aware of it. There is lush country to be found, but one has to travel miles in this barren wilderness, and learn how to traverse the landscape before reaching that fertile country.

Our journey continues on and we find an old withered man, or woman if you will, with a long staff in hand. This is you, the marketer who truly believes that they can make sales right off the Internet with little or no effort. This old gentleman is carrying a long staff, and is trudging about in the hot sand looking for water. But, there is no water to be found anywhere. He is a million miles away from the fertile country, and he is wondering how he got in the place that he is. After all, in his mind, He or she has done everything he THINKS that he needs to do, but obviously, he is just missing the key ingredient to his success. He prays to God and says, \"God, why is all this happening to me? I am good. I am worthy. I work hard, but nothing is happening. Why God? Why me?\"

In the wee hours of the morning, God comes to our friend and says, \"all the answers are found within your staff (Veretekk), but you must first break open the staff and find your answers to your questions.\" Our friend keeps asking the question \"why me?\" But God is telling him what the answer is, but he is not hearing and following his commands.

I hear mutterings about the halls of Veretekk about this does not work, or that is not working. In reality, Veretekk is better, running on one cylinder, than any other marketing system you can name out there in the far country. The people that gripe the loudest, are usually totally unaware of the raw marketing power that they hold within the Veretekk Gold System, and the Platinum Control Panel. The fact of the matter is, you must first break that open to real ease that power.

So, how to you tap into the ultimate power of Veretekk? You attend training classes with people who do know the power. You tap into their heads to learn all about this system. You follow the videos that Tom has provided for everyone. The keys are found there, but unless you watch and learn from the videos, you will be like our friend, simply walking and wandering in the dry hot desert of the Internet, and will never have any success at all.

So, one question for you today. Are you willing to learn, BEFORE you earn on the Internet? If the answer to that question is yes, then you may have a good shot at finding your dreams. Those dreams of marketing power are locked into that Veretekk Gold System that you hold before you!

Butch Hamilton

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